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Our wide and varied range of services, from photography, to IT consultancy, to administration work are all tailored to meet your needs. We don't list a service unless we're confident we can provide. Simple as that.

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We pride ourselves on offering you the very best. Once you chose us, you won't be disappointed.

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We're always keeping ourselves up-to-date, if we can no longer confidentally provide a service, we'll remove it from our website and let you know.

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If you're interested in photography work, from portait to house photos- contact us! We can do that!


Do you want a virtual assistant or a personal assistant - or even a temporary on-site admin assistant? We can do that!

IT Consultancy

We offer a range of IT consultancy and support packages, if you're interested, please contact us for details. We can do that!

Educational Business Management Consultancy

Are you a school and want some advice on your business management, or maybe even need a temporary Business Manager? We can do that!

Web Services

Are you interested in website maintenance, hosting or support with updates? We can do that!

Website Coding

We specialise in building web applications with PHP/MySQL. If you want some bespoke website applications, we can do that!

Document Standardisation

Are you about to rebrand and want someone to help ensure all your documents use a standardised template? We can do that!

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If you're still interested or maybe you would like to work with us but aren't sure if we can help? Just contact us, we'll be happy to hear from you!

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